Announcing our new member @manics

:tada::tada: New team member announcement! :tada::tada:

Hey all - I’d like to give a big welcome to @manics (@manics on github) who is our newest team member! He joins the JupyterHub team!

Here’s how @consideRatio described Simon in the issue to onboard him:

I often find myself very appreciative of the helpful communication and insight Simon contributes with in Discourse and GitHub. Simon is great! I see a friendly voice with a lot of technical insight about the JupyterHub repos who has used these qualities to contribute for a long time, and also likes to keep doing so given the opportunity.

Thanks so much Simon for all of the work that you’ve done in the JupyterHub and Kubernetes worlds - we’re proud to have you on the team! :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’m very happy to be joining you!