[ANN] JupyterHub 5.0 beta

We’ve just published the first prerelease of JupyterHub 5, which you can get with:

pip install --upgrade --pre jupyterhub

This is a major release because some defaults have changed, the minimum Python version is raised to 3.8, and it requires a database upgrade, but hopefully not a too-disruptive version to upgrade to.

JupyterHub 5 introduces user-initiated sharing and authenticator-managed roles

Check out the new migration documentation and the changelog for more details.

Give it a test, especially the new features if you can, and let us know how it goes.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed!


@minrk huge major release, and props to all the work that went into user-initiated sharing.

Really looking forward to trying this out in z2jh :raised_hands:

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Cross-posting my question from gitter:

The builds on See installation instructions for: | JupyterHub’s Helm chart repository do not show 5.0 beta, seems that they keep updating 4.0 dev. Is anything needed to get the 5.0beta to show up there?

Z2JH 4 beta release tracked via Planning for release 4.0 with JupyterHub 5.0 · Issue #3406 · jupyterhub/zero-to-jupyterhub-k8s · GitHub.

Z2Jh with jupyterhub 5.0.0b1 can be tested already via the z2jh development release 4.0.0-0.dev.git.6586.h0a16e5a0 - no changelog or similar is written yet, but one thing to know is that k8s 1.25+ is now required.


@consideRatio / @krassowski / @minrk I am trying to upgrade to upgrade from JH 3.2.1 to v5 beta but facing issues with config changes. The config file has changed drastically, is there an easier way to migrate it ?

I would try upgrading in stages, first to 4.0, then 4.1 and finally v5 beta. Of note 4.1 includes security fixes which would be a good thing to grab anyways.

If you share some of your configuration, or at least what you are configuring, that will help.

There have not been very big changes to the configuration files that I’m aware of, so I’m not sure what you are referring to.

We do have this migration document for upgrading to JupyterHub 5.