Adding "extraLabels" and "cloudMetadata" in the kubespawner_overrride

Hello experts,

We have configured Jupyterhub on an AKS cluster using the helmchart

I would like to add some extraLabels in one of my profiles under singleuser.profilelist.kubespawner_override as shown below. However I do not find these labels applied once the user pod is spawned. I tried to add these labels directly under singleuser.extraLabels - where it gets picked up as expected. Any thoughts?

- display_name: "Jupyter Minimal Notebook"
  description: "A minimal playground for getting started with Jupyterhub"
  default: true
    image: jupyter/minimal-notebook
      aadpodidbinding: dry-dev-aks-aks-01-agentpool

I would also like to know if it is possible to add singleuser.CloudMetadata as an override under singleuser.profileList.kubespawner_override.CloudMetadata?

@manics Really appreciate your valuable help here.

Hello ,I am confused about it to,can you show me how you fix it ?
Thx (I got the exact same result)