Custom node labels for node affinity in Jupyterhub Helm Chart

Hey everyone!

We are in the testing phase of using jupyterhub inside our company. Everything is working well so far. We have deployed core and user pods on a separate node group with label “workertype=jupyterhub”. We have another node group with label “workertype=core” for our core services. Our next step is to deploy the core pods into our core node group and user pods into jupyterhub node group so that we can scale jupyterhub node group down to zero when there is no active user session.

From the documentation, I’ve found that it can be done by configuring scheduling and adding label “” to our core node group and “” to our jupyterhub node group.

We would like to know if there is any possibility to use our existing node labels into the chart configuration.

Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks!

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