Add function methods of a python class file to environment of IPython kernel QtConsole

I made a Jupyter Qtconsole and want to execute my methods of a .py file.
I don’t want to use Class.method() to call the method .I want to add my custom methods to its ipython environment that can be easily called by method().
For example I have file that contains Handler Class and the class has say_hello function.
I want to call say_hello() instead of Handler.Handler().say_hello() in qtconsole.
I also imported the Handler file in startup directory.
Here is my console widget :

    kernel_manager = QtKernelManager(kernel_name='python3')

    kernel_client = kernel_manager.client()

    self.jupyter_widget = RichJupyterWidget()
    self.jupyter_widget.kernel_manager = kernel_manager
    self.jupyter_widget.kernel_client = kernel_client

Thank you for your help :pray: