Xeus-cling online (?) documentation not working

Installed mini conda and xeus-cling to learn c++.

All works fine but there is no online ? documentation.

I get “No documentation found for std::vector”

Hmmm, this sounds like a question for the Xeus team (not strictly JupyterHub), maybe @SylvainCorlay can advise on the best place to seek help?

Are you using OS X? There is a conda relocation bug on OS X that breaks online help.

This issue will be fixed when conda-forge moves to more recent runtime.

Thanks choldgraf - appreciate the response

Thanks for that Sylvain - yes I’m on OS X.

How will I know when this happens? Do I need to do anything in terms of a version update or something (pip command ?).

Newbie student so not sure how keeping the implementation up to date works.

Hey @kimbah unfortunately I don’t really have a solution to offer. Rebuilding xeus-cling manually on OS X fixes the issue but it is quite cumbersome and probably not something you want to get into. I can keep you posted when this is fixed.

Also, the problem is specific to OS X and does not impact Linux builds.

Sylvain, I prompt appreciate your advice and thanks in advance to keep me posted when its fixed.