Writing a Filebrowser/BreadCrumbs extension?

I would like to add the ability to save/bookmark favorite directories and display them under (or as part of) the BreadCrumbs widget found here in the source code.

I’d like to enable this functionality by extending the default filebrowser, however I cannot tell how to access the part of it I’d like to modify from an extension written in the style of the xkcd extension tutorial or the notebook extension tutorial. Even changing what’s rendered where the BreadCrumbs widget appears without modifying JupyterLab itself is a mystery to me.

Does anyone have any recommendations on how to get started?

UPDATE: I got started on this by working on a fork of JupyterLab. You can view what I’ve got so far here.

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Great! And thanks for posting on the issue for this. I really look forward to having a better file browser.

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