Widgets, CDN, and privacy

Hi all! I have a question on the usage of Widgets. Given that, for example, the icons are fetched from a CDN, and I think the same for other Web-related components too, what are the privacy concerns in terms of data leaking out of widgets in a notebook?

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For the most part CDN is configurable: Embedding Jupyter Widgets in Other Contexts than the Notebook — Jupyter Widgets 8.1.1 documentation, and an example for icons is in: Offline font-awesome use · Issue #1650 · jupyter-widgets/ipywidgets · GitHub (though personally I would really hope it could just work offline-first, but then I don’t use the default icons that much)


Then is it fair to assume that, unless any custom configuration is given, every widget uses a CDN to add JS/CSS to the notebook?

As per my understanding “it depends”. When you export to HTML? Yes (the alternative is to bundle a copy of the assets which you can do). When used in JupyterLab/Notebook? No (the assets are shipped with the extension).

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