Where to install unofficial extensions

I have a unofficial JupyterHub nbextension that I would like to add to my local JupyterHub installation. I have read that I need to add them to JupyterHub’s data directory. Running jupyter --paths gives me a few directories and I am unsure which to choose. I am given several directories, including /Users/jaysun/opt/anaconda3/envs/jupyter/share/jupyter, /usr/local/share/jupyter, /usr/share/jupyter and /Users/jaysun/Library/Jupyter. Where should I install the extension? Some of the folders dont exist, some have the official extensions and some are empty.

Since it’s an nbextension it should be installed in the user’s environment, not JupyterHub’s environment. The location of the user environment depends on how you’ve setup JupyterHub. If you give us more infromation on your server(s), how you’ve installed JupyterHub, and your configuration with secrets redacted, we might be able to provide more help.

I installed JupyterHub through Anaconda and JupyterLab (conda install -c conda-forge jupyterlab). I just use it locally, running jupyter notebook in the terminal when I need to use it. I have not done any additional configuration. I am on a Mac, obviously using an Anaconda profile to manage Jupyter.