What does the Shutdown Hub button really do?

Hello everyone,

I’ve recently inherited a Hub installation that I’ve been given the charge of getting it ready for more users (so chasing down and closing out bug tickets associated with it and so forth).

One such bug with version 1.4.2 was when I would go into the admin dashboard and click Shutdown Hub, I would get a nice little dialog with 2 check boxes (shutdown proxy, and shutdown user…whatever). When I clicked okay: the hub and proxy would indeed shut down, but none of the user containers would be shut down - they just continue running along happily as could be. I suspect that maybe the proxy is shutting down too quickly, so they never actually get told to shut down, but I’m not certain.

Because 1.4.2 is relatively long in the tooth, I decided instead of resolving issues on that old version I’d check out the newest release (2.2.2) and see how many go away as a result.

Now however when I click Shutdown Hub - there is no dialog with options to check and for me to confirm I want to shutdown. The hub just shuts down and the user containers are still left orphaned and running in the background.

Which leads back to my subject: what does the Shutdown Hub button actually do, and what is it supposed to do? Should I be handling the culling/purging of user single server containers elsewhere instead of relying on Hub admin to handle it for me?

Thanks for any insight/help you can provide

Hi! You might’ve found a bug. I’ve opened an issue Admin shutdown button doesn't offer any options · Issue #3880 · jupyterhub/jupyterhub · GitHub
Please feel free to add any additional relevant information. Thanks!

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Thank you so much for your help confirming the bug and getting an issue opened. I appreciate your help @manics!

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