Volume is mounted inside the pod successfully, I can see it with a terminal, but when using a ipython kernel, data is not there

Hi, Im using hostpath to mount an extra volume to the user pod. The shared folder is in the /lab gui. I can see it when I use a Terminal kernel, but when using a python kernel, there is nothing in the environement.
I use jupyter-gateway for the kernel python. so It must be something inside Enterprise-Gateway. I tried to set the mirrorworkingdirs but did not change anything. I’m using containerd as my container manager in my k8s one node cluster.

And also how to pass the KERNEL_USERNAME to the kernel pod generated by Enterprise gateway ?

Can you provide more information about your gateway setup? In general, gateway means the kernels are running in a totally separate environment from the notebook server, which would be why terminals and Python kernels see different things.