Using nbgrader with git?

Hi, I wonder if anybody is using nbgrader and distributing the assignments via git?

We are currently using a setup with TLJH + nbgitpuller + litauthenticator. When a user clicks a link in our LMS, they are logged in to the hub and a git repository is checked out. Now we want to add grading to the mix. We wrote a prototype which adds a “submit” button, and lets the student submit an assignment for auto-grading, and the score is even passed back to the LMS, which is nice.

However we found that the instructor workflow is very cumbersome. You basically need two repositories, one for the source and one for the assignments, because you might not want the students to see the solutions or unreleased assignments. After every change you need to run nbgrader generate assignment, copy the release files to the other repository, and push both. And you have to somehow make sure that the grader pulls from the source after changes.

I found the project Grader Service which builds a nice GUI basically on top of nbgrader. They also use Git, but hide it under the hood as far as I understand, so you can save revisions but don’t have to deal with external git repos.

Any other ideas how to deal with the “impedance mismatch” between nbgrader and nbgitpuller?