Using JupyterLab 3.6.1 and Voila 0.4.0

I pip installed JupyterLab 3.6.1. The install also automatically installed a few dependency Python packages, including jupyter-server version 2.3.0 and jupyter_client version 8.0.3. I want to use voila dashboard, so I pip installed voila version 0.4.0 (latest stable), which requires lower version of jupyter-server 1.23.6 and jupyter_client 7.4.1.

When I start JuptyerLab, it then throws the following error:
ServerApp] jupyter_server_terminals | error adding extension (enabled: True): Jupyter Server Terminals requires Jupyter Server 2.0+

With this error message, what JupyterLab functionalities will I lose? Thanks!

This can mess up things severely. I had problems with running a JupyterLab from a Docker image due to this error.

So, you can get around this by downgrading jupyter-server and uninstalling jupyter-server-terminals
You can use voila-0.5.0a6 (or whatever the latest is)
But really, you are going to want to wait for Voila 0.5.0 if possible.

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