User scheduling of notebook run is considered?

Does anyone has come across requirements of allowing user to scheduling their notebook on daily /weekly/monthly basis.
For reporting purpose.

What is your solution?
I thinking of allowing user to edit a config file and host a demon to read the config file and kick start the schedule.

Depending on the user requirements (who is is scheduling what, from where, to run where) one tool that might be worth looking it that can cope with various scenarios is paperboy: GitHub - timkpaine/paperboy: A web frontend for scheduling Jupyter notebook reports

There are various other schedulers such as GitHub - jupyter-naas/naas: ⚙️ Schedule notebooks, run them like APIs, expose securely your assets: Jupyter as a viable production environment. that you can find on Github: Search · schedule jupyter · GitHub These include several (old) JupyerLab extensions: I’m not sure if there is an “official” scheduling extension.