User pod struck in pending state in EKS version 1.27

Previously, we had EKS version 1.23. Now we updated the EKS version to 1.27 and deployed JupyterHub 3.0.0 (helm chart 2.0.0 - latest stable version) in it. All the components are up and running (pods, services). I am able to see the signin page. But once I login, the user pod is in pending state and not able to launch the jupyter server.

PVC is also in pending state and these are the events when I describe the PVC.

This is the error message in user-scheduler.

W0621 09:29:59.765092       1 reflector.go:324] failed to list *v1beta1.CSIStorageCapacity: the server could not find the requested resource
E0621 09:29:59.765118       1 reflector.go:138] Failed to watch *v1beta1.CSIStorageCapacity: failed to list *v1beta1.CSIStorageCapacity: the server could not find the requested resource

Does this issue relates to the EKS version update or because of any other reason?

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You’ll need a recent dev release of Z2JH to run on K8s 1.27


@manics Which release of Z2JH? I have the same problem and I am using Z2JH 3.2.1 with k8s 1.28

I haven’t checked exactly which version introduced the fixes, but the latest version should work

hmm, is not on docker hub yet. The latest one as of 2024-01-16 is

@manics Thank you for your help. I tried the latest Z2JH docker image I can find, . I ran into the same problem. The user-placeholder-0 pod still stuck in pending state.

Do you have any info on the original problem? Is there a discussion thread? git hub PR? Thank you very much!

I had to disable user scheduler to get around this.

Can you test the latest Helm chart dev version? The version is not always the same as the Docker image tags, since the images are only rebuilt if they’re modified.

I expected that chart version 3.2.1 should have worked without issues in EKS k8s 1.28, doesnt it?

A recent dev release of the chart is available that may work due to some updates to user-scheduler last weeks.