Unknown parent image ID


We are recently getting this error in mybinder:

Error removing intermediate container 94c744059fac: No such container: 94c744059faceee7c5bbba589dd4536af8bd040ba183be78fba10186f70a8a93
unknown parent image ID sha256:adef09a9712d9c35c587a139adf4f40e3616fa05f41cdb668d7276cf5b360158

mybinder link: Binder

I couldn’t find a similar issue reported over here.

Could you please point us where to start troubleshooting?

Many thanks,

Keywords: Astronomy, Astrophysics, Hickson Compact Groups, HCG, HI, VLA, Galaxies, Galaxy groups, Galaxy interactions, Galaxy evolution, GBT
Publication date: 2022-07-27
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.6909872
Total size: 7869.8 MB

Link: https://zenodo.org/api/files/5b39076b-e7f8-48e5-8269-e427acc9bb57/AMIGA-IAA/hcg_global_hi_analysis-v1.0.zip   size: 1.4 MB

Checksum is correct. (6e66d609ab088d5c1dd2d0251b43a84b)

Link: https://zenodo.org/api/files/5b39076b-e7f8-48e5-8269-e427acc9bb57/GBT_spectra.zip   size: 1.5 MB

Checksum is correct. (51c7ff311ffdd7a23eecf7e99c3131f5)

Link: https://zenodo.org/api/files/5b39076b-e7f8-48e5-8269-e427acc9bb57/HCG_HI_tables.zip   size: 0.1 MB

Checksum is correct. (22b2e96f883b26cf58e84d72fccee2e7)

Link: https://zenodo.org/api/files/5b39076b-e7f8-48e5-8269-e427acc9bb57/HCG_VLA_HI_data_products.zip   size: 7288.9 MB

Checksum is correct. (aa3ce60c3b83477ee3f2f3d1edf07651)

Link: https://zenodo.org/api/files/5b39076b-e7f8-48e5-8269-e427acc9bb57/HCG_VLA_HI_mom1_maps.zip   size: 1.6 MB

Checksum is correct. (3a0d69c6d30194e960c0f09a34f6ca9c)

Link: https://zenodo.org/api/files/5b39076b-e7f8-48e5-8269-e427acc9bb57/optical_images.zip   size: 576.3 MB

Checksum is correct. (c44fe785a8dde17f3b571ad2bfbdf757)

It looks like you’re downloading some large files, and unzipping them which will be even larger. Does the build succeed if you omit those files?

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Many thanks @manics

Indeed, it works:

and after accessing JupyterLab, I could execute the remaining steps in postBuild:

# download data
zenodo_get -r 6366659

#unzip HCG_VLA_HI_data_products.zip
unzip GBT_spectra.zip
unzip optical_images.zip
unzip HCG_VLA_HI_mom1_maps.zip

Do we need to ask the end user to manually execute these steps after getting into JLab? or is there a way to automate this?

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You could perhaps try adding a start file?

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Thanks @manics

It didn’t like it:

Spawn failed: Server at http://<>/ didn't respond in 30 seconds

This should reproduce the issue.

Also, reading the docs:

This script is executed each time your binder is started and should at most take a few seconds to run.

I also found:

After all, maybe the best option is to perform the download into the notebook…


Hi again,

Should conda-lock be part of the default environment in mybinder?

Currently testing:





conda-lock isn’t included, however mamba has support for installing from lock files:

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Thanks @manics!

Using micromamba worked!

I think it’d be a good idea to add conda-lock to your binder dependencies anyway, in case the underlying package manager changes in future (it used to be conda, then was changed to mambaforge because it was a lot faster).