Unable to view the methods of np array after declaring it in the same cell

While I am doing the program in Jupiter notebook. The methods on the testArray1 in the cell [7] are not displayed when clicking on the tab .
Please find the below screen


Could you please check and help me regarding this.

Apparently, there are auto-completion issues introduced by a recent release of jedi (0.18). Please downgrade jedi and I suspect you’ll be moving forward. There’s an outstanding IPython PR to pin the older release, but no “carrier” for that change yet.

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Hi @kevin-bates, Thanks a lot for your quick reply.

The current version of jedi in my jupyter notebbok is as below. Could you please check help me regarding this and if i need to install any particular version of jedi, how to do that.
Command: pip install jedi
Requirement already satisfied: jedi in c:\users\ganesh\anaconda3\lib\site-packages (0.17.1)
Requirement already satisfied: parso<0.8.0,>=0.7.0 in c:\users\ganesh\anaconda3\lib\site-packages (from jedi) (0.7.0)

I’m sorry @ganeshkumar1453 but I know nothing about this aspect of Jupyter. I monitor issues fairly actively and have seen a number of tab-completion issues relative to the specific 0.18.0 release of jedi. Since it appears you’re running 0.17.1 then that’s the extent to which I can be of help - unfortunately.

On occasion, I have found version information to be falsely reported so you might try an explicit upgrade operation: pip install --upgrade jedi==0.17.1 to see if that helps.

In addition, I would make sure the notebook kernel is using the same version. To do this, run !pip freeze from a cell and locate the jedi entry. If you have grep, you could cut to the chase using !pip freeze|grep jedi.

If you find your jedi version is consistently less than 0.18, then I really can’t be very helpful - sorry.


Hi @kevin-bates , Thanks for your reply.
My jedi version is 0.17.1

Thanks for your valuable support till now. It would be great if you assign to some other person who could help me here.

Thanks for your valuable support till now.

I’m sorry for your frustration. I’m not aware of a way to assign topics in this discussion forum. I believe your choices are to wait for someone that has an idea of what to do to come along and answer your question - or open an issue in the appropriate repository and do the same there.