Unable to access ipynb Server Error 500

I am new to this technology and environment. Here is my environment-
OS : Ubuntu 20.04 64 bit
I installed : sudo pip install jupyterlab
All went fine. Now when I says jupyter notebook, browser opens but when I clicks on any ipynb file, I gets:

500 : Internal Server Error

Then I installed Project Jupyter through Ubuntu Softwares, it also got successfully. When I starts by :
Click on Activities-Writes Project Jupyter and opens it - I gets a message box :

Allow opening file?

Allow snap “jupyter” to open file “/run/user/1000/snap.jupyter/jupyter/nbserver-5420-open.html”?

This dialog will close automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity.
And when I clicks on Yes, then I am able to open the ipynb.

I dont know why I am not able to open the ipynb file by running jupyter notebook.

I solved the issue by just :
sudo pip3 install jupyter

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