UI for building ZTJH ready images with repo2docker / binderhub?

Starting this discussion to get an idea if such tool already exists, or if there is an issue about it somewhere already.

It would be great if the JupyterHub admins could have a UI to pre-build a set of images to make them available to users of a JupyterHub.

For reference there is already a plugin for The Littlest JupyterHub (TLJH) that offers a way to build images:

But this plugin is for TLJH, and the images are built on the server where TLJH is deployed, with repo2docker.

The idea would be to have something similar, but for a JupyterHub deployed via ZTJH. With the UI, admin users could create environments from repositories just like with BinderHub. But they could also delete them or change a few other options if needed such as memory and CPU limits. Technically this could be implemented as a JupyterHub service like BinderHub.

Then users of the JupyterHub could choose the image they want via the server options:

Currently BinderHub proposes only one UI to build (and launch) a server:

But Iā€™m not sure if something similar to tljh-repo2docker already exists, but for ZTJH, or has already been explored?


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BinderHub recently had an API-mode added

That PR also links to GitHub - 2i2c-org/binderhub-service

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