Trying to open csv file with inbuild dictionaries in that file

Hey, I’m trying to open a csv file with inbuild dictionaries in python, but it seems that a lot of functions does not work to open that particular file! Tried with function with open, but and also defined f = open(path.csv, “r”, "encoding=“utf8”) but it seems that this also does not work! I got the output as: IOPub data rate exceeded.
The notebook server will temporarily stop sending output
to the client in order to avoid crashing it.
To change this limit, set the config variable

Current values:
NotebookApp.iopub_data_rate_limit=1000000.0 (bytes/sec)
NotebookApp.rate_limit_window=3.0 (secs)

Not so sure what do do in that case! Does someone knows some tips how to open the file successfully?

welcome @Stella_Vorobjova.

you might have more luck trying to loading your data in with pandas.read_csv. you’ll find quite a few references to the subject online. here is a link to get your started Create Pandas DataFrame from CSV. when you use pandas it will handle the rate limiting problem when viewing your data.