Trouble setting custom mount points on for ZTJH on K8s on Azure

I have a new basic install of ztjh on k8s running on Azure to support three courses at a university (~200 students) for the fall term. I’m a researcher not an IT expert, but I recognized jupyterhub as the best solution. The Berkeley setup is the model, but I won’t have time to get my head around everything required to emulate that project.

In trying to customize the install with a custom login page and some github integration for config / image update automation. Following some posts on the forum I have updated the values.yaml to add an initcontainer to point to the template repo and set volume mount points/ volumes. I have also added extraVolumeMounts but removed them for troubleshooting.

When I helm upgrade everything runs and I can see the mount points listed in the hub container view in the Azure gui. However, there is no change to the template on the login page. Question:

  • How can I see if there are files in those volumes (i.e. can I ssh into the hub to see that?)? When I check from the azure command line the locations are not there and when I kubectl debug into the pool they aren’t there either.

Thanks for any suggestions :slight_smile:

Here is part of the values.yaml under jupyterhub: hub:


      - name: git-clone-templates

        image: alpine/git


          - clone

          - --single-branch

          - --branch=master

          - --depth=1

          - --


          - /etc/jupyterhub/templates


          runAsUser: 0


          - name: custom-templates

            mountPath: /etc/jupyterhub/templates


      - name: custom-templates

        emptyDir: {}


      - name: custom-templates

        mountPath: /etc/jupyterhub/templates


      templates: |

        c.JupyterHub.template_paths = ['/etc/jupyterhub/templates']