[TLJH] what files & folders should be in the jupyter-admin home dir?

I was trying to remove users from my TLJH Ubuntu azure virtual machine. I first removed them from the JupyterHub Admin page, but that left their folders in /home so I should’ve just used userdel but I didn’t think of that at first and I naively did rm -rf jupyter-* which deleted all of the jupyter-admin owned content from my jupyter-admin’s home folder. The only thing left was a root owned folder called .conda. I can tell looking at the other profiles, that they also have .bashrc, .profile, & .bash_logout which I copied over from another user, but I’m wondering what other folders I may have deleted. Everything seems to be running fine, so maybe I should let it go, but my paranoia is causing anxiety. Here’s what my folder looks like now, is this right?

Thank you, and sorry if this is a dumb question.

PS, I created a new .condarc file by running sudo -E conda config --add channels conda-forge - I think I had forgotten the sudo -E before which is maybe why it got deleted. But maybe I shouldn’t have a .condarc file here? I can’t remember if I used --channel conda-forge when installing packages when I set the jupyterhub up.