The Littlest Jupyter Hub install failed on AWS EC2

I have been following the instructions for setting up TLJH using AWS here. I waited 10 minutes for JupyterHub to finish installing as recommended, then pasted the Public IP into my browser URL bar but it would not connect. I checked the system log and found that it says “Failed to start Execute cloud user/final scripts. See ‘systemctl status cloud-final.service’ for details”. I found another bug listing related to this that says it was resolved by making sure build-essential is installed, however I have still run into this issue. I’m wondering what the next step would be to debug this. Thanks a bunch for your help!

I ran into the same issue yesterday (same screen in system log, stopped at Cloud-init target and not able to access JupyterHub using the url). I used AWS cloudshell to ssh into the instance, then ran sudo dpkg --configure -a following the suggestion of this user (AWS TLJH not running · Issue #383 · jupyterhub/the-littlest-jupyterhub · GitHub) and then installed JupyterHub again using the same command as in the user data per the documentation. It then worked as expected.

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