The kernel appears to have died. It will restart automatically

I use “minimal-notebook” as a base and install some extra packages, like “anndata” and “matplotlib”.

Then, I start the docker by

docker run -m 8g --memory-swap="20g"  --cpus=2 -e NB_USER=jovyan -w /home/jovyan -v /Users/me:/home/jovyan/work -p 8888:8888 -it minimal-notebook_extra:latest

Then I enter Jupyter Notebook and import a library

import anndata as ad

It works well. Then I try to load my data

adata ="mydata.h5ad")

Then it reports an error

Kernel Restarting
The kernel appears to have died. It will restart automatically.

Without Docker, I could load the data normally. Does anybody have an idea what causes this error?


Have you checked the docker logs to see what the logs show? It might have some helpful information.


I’ve been facing the same problem with Docker. My code works without Docker…
Did you find the solution? @kridsadakorn

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I am also having this issue.
running Jupyterhub on EKS on AWS (chart jupyterhub-0.8.2)

usually happens when running large loads on the notebook

Likely you are OOMing the container involved. Try running with more resources / looking at your container resources overtime before it dies.

I having the same issue with NAS Synology Ds718+ on Container Docker Image Jupyter/tensorflow-notebook:
import tensorflow as tf