Testing Lab Extensions in JupyterHub Instance

Is there a way to add extensions for testing to my instance of jupyterhub running on my local machine?

I know I can run: jupyter lab --watch in a separate directory, but is there a way to incorporate the extension into my jupyterhub instance with a command line arg or editing the jupyterhub_config file?

JupyterHub manages single-user servers for multiple users. It handles starting and stopping jupyter-notebook or jupyterlab, but it’s not involved in configuring them- that’s all managed by the config files in the user’s environment.

Thank you for the explanation!

So would it be possible for me, one of the users, to manage my own environment with the config files and add a lab extension to the jupyterhub ecosystem on my machine?

I would expect so, though it may depend on how you’ve set everything up. Give it a go, and if you have problems please post details of your JupyterHub setup.

It worked, I just had to run: jupyter labextension install my-extension in the jupyterhub virtual environment on my machine. THANKS!

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