Strict MIME type error in Z2JH and Jupyterlab


I recently started getting this error on my website, everything was working fine before this. I am just using an OAuth for login all the other settings are default. I am also attaching screenshots of the error.

If it was working before then something must’ve changed, perhaps in your deployment, one of the services you’re relying on, or with the underlying infrastructure.

There’s some information on debugging your installation in the docs:

If you need more help please give us as much information as possible, ideally enough for someone to reproduce your error, such as details of how your k8s cluster was setup, your version of Z2JH, your Z2JH configuration, and the debug logs from the hub and singleuser server pods.

Likely this is due to the cache-busting suffix ?v=1234 appended (by jinja templates, perhaps?), and likely rather hard to fix, especially for things like MathJax which requires it as a configuration mechanism.