Starting the Docker Container for JupyterLab to Persist User Data on a Docker

Hi, I am looking for any extensions or means of Docker is there any way to store a user’s instance such that when the container is deleted, and the user would like to reopen their container, it would be restored to their latest saved instance of the container?

Are there any concrete solutions to save users’ Notebook data?

I have a docker-compose like this using Docker volumes.

version: "3"
    image: jupyter/datascience-notebook
      - /Users/adhyapak/Projects/docker-jupyter:/home/jovyan/work
      - 8888:8888
    container_name: datascience-notebook-container
      - JUPYTER_TOKEN=easy
    command: jupyter notebook --NotebookApp.iopub_data_rate_limit=3e10

Would it be enough for multiple user sessions if they close the browser tab and reopen it? Would their previous worked be saved? or are there any settings to be added to this.