Start command for jupyterhub/k8s-singleuser-sample

I’m trying to run the image jupyterhub/k8s-singleuser-sample:2.0.0 on our Kubernetes cluster following Zero to Jupyterhub, using the Helm chart version 2.0.0. Previously we used Helm chart version 0.11.1 and we had a Docker image based on jupyterhub/k8s-singleuser-sample:0.11.1 where the command to start was /usr/local/bin/ That file is not present anymore in the 2.0.0 Docker image. What starting command should I use?

The default Z2JH start command will work:

However this is a minimal example image for quick tests (previously it was a larger image). In most cases you’re better off building on top of a docker-stacks image such as jupyter/base-notebook:

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