Specify the CPU and GPU limits by users and select the type of instance

How to allow the users specify the gpu and cpu limits and select the type of instance in which the jupyterhub server has to launch ?


    - display_name: "Sample environment"
      description: "8 vCPUs - 16.0 GiB"
        limit: 8
        limit: 16G

Is this the way to specify the CPU and memory limit so that user can select the environment with required limits? When I tried this way the server was not getting launched in the specified limits instead it got allocated to the node with lesser limit instance.

According to the docs your overrides should go under the kubespawner_override key, not the top level.

All config properties in KubeSpawner should be overidable.

Note that cpu_limit is the maximum CPU the pod is allowed to use. If you want to guarantee the pod a minimum amount of CPU you’ll need cpu_guarantee