Spawn failed: Server at didn't respond in 120 seconds


I’m running Jupyterhub on AWS EKS K8s cluster . the error “Spawn failed: Server didn’t respond in 120 seconds” occurs when logging in as a user.
note: we r using istio too

log user pod:

hub log:

other testconnection from differnet pods:

What am I doing wrong?

That seems like maybe single user container not able to reach hub container. If you see in single user pod, there is a log Updating hub with activity <snippet>. So, hub is waiting for the single user container to notify its activity and I assume it never got that notification and hence, hub assumed that single user container never started.

Could you do a curl request from single user container to hub container to see if it is reachable? Maybe Istio blocking the communication?

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Thanks a lot!!
I disabled the istio side-car, then works perfectly!