Small typo: Jovyans, not Jovians

I don’t know where this text is stored on the site, but when I tweeted, I noticed it said “Jovians” instead of “Jovyans”. Can someone with edit permissions on the site make the fix?

I wouldn’t want to attract the wrong crowd, after all. :stuck_out_tongue:


shit! fixed! :slight_smile: thanks for noticing

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I guess I’m not “in the know”… what does “Jovyans” mean?

It took me the longest time to figure this out. I’m gonna answer in the form of writing that I hope we can easily add to documentation somewhere :slight_smile: (maybe

What is a Jovyan?

You may see the word Jovyan used in Jupyter tools (such as the user ID in the
Jupyter Docker stacks or referenced in
conversations. But what is a Jovyan?

In astronomical terms, the word “Jovian” means “like Jupiter”. It describes
several planets that share Jupyter-like properties.

Much like the planet Jupiter and our solar system, the Jupyter community
is large, distributed, and nebulous. We like to use the word Jovyan to
describe members of this community. Jovyans are fellow open enthusiasts that use, develop,
promote, teach, learn, and otherwise enjoy tools in Jupyter’s orbit. They make up the
Jupyter community. If you’re not sure whether you’re a Jovyan, you probably are :slight_smile:


How about a glossary (notebook server, KG, hub, kernel, …)? And yes, there.

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