singleuser.allowPrivilegeEscalation not work

I was trying to follow documentation but getting following error;

tabe1@Tak-VBox:~/Documents/k8s/jhubneo/hub/jupyterhub$ helm upgrade hub . -f config.yaml
Error: UPGRADE FAILED: values don't meet the specifications of the schema(s) in the following chart(s):
- singleuser: Additional property allowPrivilegeEscalation is not allowed

In the document, singleuser.allowPrivilegeEscalation will path through but this does not work for some reason. Could I get the forum help for the debug?
I am using jupyterhub-1.2.0 and APP VERSION 1.5.0

# config.yaml

  uid: 1000
  allowPrivilegeEscalation: false

If this is something I should not work, could I get alternative option to overwrite privilege?

Your help will be appreciated.

That configuration isn’t available in the latest stable release Configuration Reference — Zero to JupyterHub with Kubernetes documentation

If you need the option you can try the latest development release of the chart, but it includes several major version bumps to components so make sure you test it first

Thank you for the prompt response! I may would like to ask alternative path if we have, before I start using development version.
In order for us to control privilege , is there another way that we could still use stable version but not using singleuser.allowPrivilegeEscalation ?