Setting up JupyterHub in AWS with istio service mesh

Hello everyone. I’m new to JupyterHub and I’m hoping to get some help with the routing of the proxy-public and proxy-api services. I am trying to set up JupyterHub with an istio service mesh and have an sitio-ingress gateway set up to route traffic from the external into the aws cluster. The issue is that the traffic reaches the proxy-public from the istio-ingressgateway but it ends up at some unnamed namespace. The same is for the proxy-api; traffic reaches there from the hub but ends up at the same unnamed namespace. I’ve attached the kiali service graph which you can see.

It turns out that the IP address for the endpoint of the proxy-public and proxy-api is one of the private secondary IP’s of the EC2 cluster
My question is: where is the traffic supposed to be routed in the normal case? Is the end point of the proxy-public supposed to be the proxy-api, and vice versa? If not, then where is it supposed to end up? Thanks and any help would be appreciated.