`--ServerApp.default_url` option ignored by `jupyter lab` command?


we’re running some jupyters server which contain both, the lab interface as well as an rstudio server in one container. So far, we’re spinning up the server using the jupyter notebook command, and for R use-cases we set --NotebookApp.default_url=/rstudio. This works nicely and opens Rstudio per default.

If I try the same with jupyter lab --ServerApp.default_url=/rstudio, the default_url option seems to be ignored, even though it is advertised in jupyter lab --help-all.

Does anybody know if it is intended to just use the jupyter server command directly for these use-cases (as this one does indeed seem to respect the --ServerApp.default_url flag)?



jupyter lab --LabApp.default_url=/rstudio

IIRC (without looking at the code), the LabApp settings are overriding the ServerApp settings to set the default to lab’s URL. Since you are only overriding the ServerApp url, the LabApp url is still overriding it.

I think you can also do

jupyter server --ServerApp.default_url=/rstudio

and then you should still be able to access Lab from /lab.

Thanks a lot @jasongrout - I hadn’t been aware of the LabApp variant for setting this option. The ServerApp variant works indeed, but I wasn’t quite sure wether jupyter server was an intended use cases for the jupyter server command was compared to the jupyter lab command.