Sending HTML GET commant


i have running code for Python 3.0 which i tried to use in Jupyter.
In this case, the line for sending a HTML GET command to retrieve a response object failed.

This is the relevant line:

r = requests.get(url = URL)

Of course in URL the URL is coded with real URL

How shall i change it to retrieve the object?

Thank you

In all honesty, this question is more apt for python questions on stackoverflow or requests library repo on GitHub. In any case, what error are you seeing? Does the API require providing any headers?

You can also print(r.status_code) & print(r.content) to see what response are you getting back from the URL.

In all honesty, i have a running code in python and just want to test in Jupyter. But it looks to me, i will stay in my native Python enviorment and dont spend any unnecassery time in discussing whats the right place or not

@HeinrichB I apologise if my comment offended you. I meant to help, but really couldn’t see any failure specific to Jupyter in that code snippet. Maybe somebody with more Jupyter + requests knowledge can help you.