Security Vulnerabilities in the Jupyterhub backend DB postgresql 11.7.0-debian-10-r9

I have a Security Vulnerabilities in the Psotgresql Image 11.7.0-debian-10-r9 and i want to upgrade the postgresql DB to 15.3.0-debian-11-r11 . Is the version 15.3.0-debian-11-r11 of postgresql is compatible with the jupyterhub 0.9.4 version

JupyterHub 0.9.4 is very old and unsupported, the current version is 4.0.1, so you’ll have to test it yourself. However JupyterHub 0.9.4 also contains several security vulnerabilities, so if PostgreSQL vulnerabilities are a problem then presumably JupyterHub ones are too?

Yes , Jupterhub6 , i have fixed them