Searching a place to publish notebook with examples for 2D arrays

As I am often working with 2D-arrays, I made a small collection where I can pick my 2D array from (e.g. a gradient, a gaussian, chessboard…) And it looks like this:

This might be useful for other people as well, so I am thinking of publishing it somewhere. Do you know a place, where this can go?
You can find the notebook here:

I think that you could create a package and upload it to PyPI, so people could install it using

pip install package_name

Hi nicoguaro,
Thanks for this idea,
But I only have 18 mesh grids, which are just a view lines of code with numpy, so an own package for that would be a little to much in my opinion.
I want to make these somewhere visible, like a post on medium, on geeksforgeeks or etc.
Do you have an idea, where this could fit?