Scheduled Job Executing More Than 1 Time?

Hi Everyone,

I am having an issue where I scheduled a job in Jupyter Lab and the job executed, but it appears to have ran more than 1 time (I can provide the specific output job id if that helps). I’m worried that I did something wrong, or there is a behind the scenes issue when I delete a job, then make a new job with the same name that the job runs more than one time.

Here is the output results view from today:

Anyone experience this before?

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Hmm, I haven’t seen that issue yet but it is possible there is a bug. Could you open an issue on the jupyter-scheduler repo and so that team can investigate?

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Ok will do that now, thank you for the response.

Issue #476 opened for this now.

Hi guys, I have the similar problem. And it seems that the number of executions increases with each complete restart of the environment. Perhaps when the session is closed, the thread continues to work and when a new session is started, another one is created.

Did you try run the code “jupyter server list” to verify how many servers are currently running? That helped me to better identify the cause of the issue.


Thank you @Tall_Gibbs this halped a lot.

Now it is clear that when running Jupyterlab from the Anaconda panel, parallel servers are created with their own scheduler in each.

When finished, you must close the server before closing the tab or stop the instances through the terminal. In my case I had to clear the /runtime directory.

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