Save user files when server restarts

I have deployed Z2JH on Azure following the tutorial on the website. I am using my own identity server for authentication and everything works fine.

I am facing a problem where if I store some files in a user directory and then use the Hub control panel to restart that user’s server, all the files in the file browser are lost. I do not have a lot of experience with Kubernetes but I can see that every user has their own PV and it is attached correctly to every user when they log in, what I don’t understand is why is the data deleted when the single-user server is restarted.

Hi! Please can you show us your full configuration with secrets redacted? Thanks!

Hi @manics, I have attached a photo of my config.yaml file, I use this file in helm to deploy Jupyterhub in Azure. I have also attached a video reproduction of my issue for better understanding.

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It looks like you’re using a custom singleuser image. Can you test this with the default singleuser image? By default Z2JH mounts the storage to /home/jovyan