ReviewNB is now free for education!

[Disclosure: I’m founder of ReviewNB. If this post feels self promotional or does not belong here for any other reason, let me know and I’ll take it down.]

Just wanted to let you know that ReviewNB is now free for educational purposes (for those who don’t know it’s a GitHub add-on that lets you review notebook diffs and write comments on notebook content). It was always free for open source repositories but that didn’t map very well for educational usage (e.g. student assignment needs to be private to avoid plagiarism).

Given Jupyter’s roots in academia (as I understand most early core contributors are from academic background) & Jupyter’s impact on programming/DS education, I’ve always wanted ReviewNB to be free for education. But I wasn’t sure if a team of one (me) can afford the cost (both cloud & support costs) of supporting large number of free users (in addition to OSS users). But the product has come a long way in the past couple of years & at a stage where it’s profitable/sustainable. This enables me to offset any additional cloud costs we might encounter with a free educational tier. I’ve written more about this here including how to avail the educational plan.


Congratulations on getting to a point where the product sustains itself (once you make $1 in profit you can keep going forever!). Cool to see that one of the first things on your list is to give back in the form of free plans for education!