Resizable columns in debugger variable explorer

Are the columns in the debugger variable explorer panel supposed to be resizable? I see a demo in the old debugger repo that shows the columns to be resizable (Use @lumino/datagrid for the variable table view by KsavinN · Pull Request #391 · jupyterlab/debugger · GitHub), but I can’t resize the columns with the latest JupyterLab release (3.4.5) in either the latest Chrome (104.0.5112.81) or Firefox (103.0.2) on Windows. It seems like the debugger is still using Lumino datagrids (as merged in that PR), so I’m not sure if it was a feature that was removed, or if there’s a problem with JupyterLab, Lumino or the browser.

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Thank you for highlighting this! It looks like a bug. I can reproduce it in the development version too. Would you mind opening an issue at Issues · jupyterlab/jupyterlab · GitHub?

Thanks for confirming! Reported at Debugger variable explorer columns not resizable · Issue #12942 · jupyterlab/jupyterlab · GitHub.