Request for Guidance on How to Add A New REST API to Jupyterhub

We would like to create a new Post REST API operation in Jupyterhub. Looking for guidance and/or documentation on how to implement a new Jupyterhub REST API.

Have you looked at JupyterHub services? Services — JupyterHub 1.4.2 documentation

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I looked at that documentation. But not making the connection to how to go about adding a new REST API to Jupyterhub. Please advise.

Are you talking about proposing a change to JupyterHub itself? JupyterHub’s API endpoints are defined in jupyterhub.apihandlers.

If you are talking about adding REST endpoints for your own deployment, this should be done as a separate service, following the docs @manics linked. We have a few examples of services exposing API endpoints. For example this one using FastAPI.

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