Reduce building time

Hi all,

Yet another question about reducing the building time :).
I read the post which provides some hints (How to reduce repository startup time). However, I think I am doing sth. else wrong. I have a very lightweight repository, which is just a binder template that installs three libraries, but it takes more than 10 minutes to build: GitHub - MarkusKonk/binder_template_rmarkdown: This repository serves as a template to start a reproducible computational analysis written in R, which will later run on mybinder.
Maybe anyone has an idea how to reduce the building time?

The R runtime takes a lot of care and feeding, and is apparently hard to cache… but I’m not much of an R user, so don’t have any specific tips to improve the performance. There might be some more info in the repo2docker issues.

An alternative approach: if you have content that changes more frequently, you could have an “environment” repo/branch, which included nbgitpuller and then one or more “content” branches, which reuse the more stable environment.


You may want to try installing your same packages with mamba/conda, following here? I feel like that is faster than the older route; however, I haven’t done side-by-side comparisons. Maybe it’s just that build route manages updates down the line better than the older one? In other words, the initial build may not be much faster; however, later ones it can handle things better, it seemed.
I have examples here and here that also handle libraries that mamba/conda alone cannot handle.