Receiving an error in Jupyter lab saying packaged not supported

I am a student, and we are using JupyterLab, everything has been working fine and now I am receiving a new error message doing the same thing I was working on last week. This is the error. We are using postgres to connect to JupyterLab to import information to use. I am not sure why I am receiving this connection error when I connected to postgres last week with no issue.

C:\ProgramData\Anaconda3\lib\site-packages\pandas\io\ UserWarning: pandas only support SQLAlchemy connectable(engine/connection) ordatabase string URI or sqlite3 DBAPI2 connectionother DBAPI2 objects are not tested, please consider using SQLAlchemy

Please help!

Warnings are warnings, not errors. This is key: if things are working still, then you are fine. It’s just warning you that the Pandas package isn’t going to continue to support that type of connection going forward, and trying to steer you towards using what should be a better choice.
As you are a student, probably your class will be over before support is dropped.

If it bothers you, or you cannot get the code after the step triggering the warning to work, ask your instructors what to do.

Importantly, this is most likely not a Jupyter issue. If you ran the code triggering this warning as a traditional Python script, then I’d expect you’d get the same warning. Meaning that It’s probably a Python or Pandas package issue ,and thus should be directed appropriately.

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