Read request body parameters from /hub/api/users/<user-name>/server API in Zero to Jupyterhub

I want to get body content of API /hub/api/users/user-name/server and do some task regarding copy data to user pod space. I did some R&D and figured out spawner start() method have request body data in self.user_options.
I have override start() function using spawner_class in helm chart under hub.extraConfig and successfully get request body parameters in kubectl logs.

extraConfig: |
import logging

  from jupyterhub.spawner import LocalProcessSpawner
  from jupyterhub.spawner import Spawner
  from kubespawner import KubeSpawner
  class custom_spawner(KubeSpawner):
    def start(self):"=== start triggered!")
      return (self.ip, self.user.server.port)
  c.JupyterHub.spawner_class = custom_spawner

However, user pod failed to start with an error: Spawner failed to start [status=1]. Can someone figure out what’s wrong with this approach.
Is there any better option instead of overriding spawner start() method?

Your custom start() isn’t starting a server because you’ve replaced start with log statements, rather than adding them. When you override a method in Python to add steps, it’s typical to call super().method(). So what you want is:

def start(self):"...")
    # your customization here
    return super().start()

Thank you @minrk. It helped me!