Proposal make @psychemedia (Tony Hirst) moderator/admin

I see that @psychemedia is relatively active – not sure how to sort users by activity. I am suggesting to give him (if he accepts of course) moderator or even admin rights.

Thoughts ? If you have other nominations, we can open another topic for each nomination.

  • Yes
  • No

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+1 from me, Tony has been active for a while and I’ve really appreciated his newsletter on the jupyter community!

We also have 5 “Yes” in person at the Jupyter dev meeting.

Happy to help out here if I can be of use…

…and thanks for the vote(s) of confidence!:slight_smile:


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Awesome we’ll give you admin access… trying to do that I discover that we’re limited to 5 staff, so we’ ll have to contact discourse to get an increase this number !