Problems with jupyter lab build

After installing an extension in my JupyterLab, I was prompted to rebuild and I accepted. After the rebuild, I was prompted to reload and again I accepted. After accepting this error arise in the GUI of the JupyterLab.
I am not from a programming background, hence I would appreciate if someone gives me a solution to this in a less involved way.

What extension did you install? And what version of JupyterLab do you have?

I just ran into the same problem this past weekend.

Try using a newer version of Jupyter lab (if you’re not already):
conda install -c conda-forge jupyterlab=1.1.1

conda install -c conda-forge jupyterlab=1.1.2 fixes some bugs in 1.1.1.

There might be compatibility problems with 1.1.2 and plotly extensions.

Possibly, but 1.1.2 also fixes a big issue with ipywidgets (and thus the plotly extension) in JupyterLab.

Commented elsewhere, but my build is failing because of ipywidgets.

Have you opened an issue with the details?

@rajamohanty, can you try rebuilding again? We just published a fix to the visual glitches you saw.