Problems with installing JupyterHub on windows and using jupyterlab

My setup: I have a windows 10 machine running docker desktop for windows. Docker is running the jupyterhub installation.

What i have done:

  • I have installed docker for windows, setup the docker image.
  • I can log in to the jupyterhub.
  • I have done so that users go directly into jupyterlab. (c.Spawner.default_url = ‘/lab’)

My problems:
1. Jupyterhub - When you add a user, you cannot add password from the site it self.
2. Jupyterhub - When you add a user, you cannot see the user in the admin panel before he logs in.
3. Jupyterlab - There is no link to log out from jupyterlab? or is there?
4. Jupyterlab - There is no link to the admin panel? i tried to install jupyter hub extension, but the “hub” menu doesnt appear.
5. Jupyterlab - I tried to install jupyterlab extension manager, but it also doesnt appear.

Check pastebin for last 2 questions:

Thanks in advance.

Regarding administration stuff, you DID add yourself to the admin set in config?

Related to problem 4: Yes, i have added my username to the config file, and it is working if i enter the url to the admin panel. But i am lacking links to it. i shouldnt have to remember the link, right?

c.Authenticator.admin_users = {'admin'}

I updated the title of the thread to be more descriptive of what the problem is.

Note that JupyterHub does not officially support Windows as a platform, so it might take some time before someone who has experience with that stops by and can contribute ideas.

This is coming in

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Betatim: well, yeah. But i am using docker running linux. So its actually running linux not windows.

  1. This was resolved when i took a look at this page: