Problems when running Julia on JupyterLab

To recreate, try using mu-blocker - quite a nice ad-blocker, but problematic here for me.

Was it mublocker or uBlock? I have the latter installed on Chrome, and Julia works just fine for me in the cloud…

Maybe ublock (sorry)
I was using Firefox.

Thanks, David. I just tried it on the cloud service we run, and both a Julia console and Notebook work fine, file tree is updated, etc., with uBlock running on Firefox and no whitelists. It’s odd – I can’t think why uBlock would be sensitive to stuff coming in over and not from Google Cloud Engine.

– Rick

Dunno - just that once I disabled this, my problems went away immediately.
Please note I am on the Mac (not on Linux like your servers) so there could be something different in the way it works. Took me the longest time to resolve, though. Anyway, thanks!

I’m getting the same thing on my Linux (Ubuntu) version - I open up a (non-empty) file and the editor shows it to be empty (blank).

I have had to drop this - it is just not ready
PS I am not running any ad-blockers on this server

@compleathorseplayer - thanks for trying to help narrow down where the problem might be. I understand if you don’t have time to pursue this further. Thanks for what you’ve done so far. I wish we could reproduce this.

If someone else has this happen, here’s what I would do to further understand what is going on:

  1. See if the file content is transferred from the back end. You can look at the network panel in the browser js console, find the network request that contains the filename, and see if the content is in the response, or if it is an empty response. If the response is empty, the problem is likely on the server (see step 2). If the content is there, the problem is likely in the browser (see step 3)
  2. If the content is not getting to JupyterLab (the content is empty), look for server errors. Is the file utf8-encoded? Is it just one file, or does it happen with every file? What is the file name? We’ve seen problems where adblockers block specific filenames, though I thought that gave errors, not just blank files.
  3. If the file content is being delivered to the browser, then I would check if there are any javascript errors in the browser js console. Also, I would right-click on the file editor and “Inspect element” to open that particular section of the HTML DOM in the browser js console, and see if the file content appears to be in the DOM.