Problem after upgrade to Jupyterhub > 3.0

I’ve been running Rube-Goldberg-ish Jupyterhub set up successfully using the HTCondor batch system to start singleuser servers running in apptainer containers, but after upgrading Jupyterhub to version 3 it’s stopped working. The singleuser server does start successfully but never makes contact with the hub, which eventually times out.

Any ideas where to look for what changed in the upgrade or the source of the problem? Or any additional information I can provide about my setup that might help someone help me?

Are you using BatchSpawner? There are some issues that sounds related open on Issues · jupyterhub/batchspawner · GitHub

Thank you! That helped me narrow down the problem a lot! It’s a bug in batchspawner and I just filed a PR with a fix.

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